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365 Things To Do On The Pensinula #66 – Breakfast at Oasis Café

The Oasis Breakfast and Billy’s Special @ Oasis Cafe, Redcliffe.

Arguably the best place on the peninsula for breakfast is Oasis Café on Redcliffe Parade.

Situated in a beautiful location overlooking the bay from Redcliffe, Oasis Café provides the perfect spot to admire the views and enjoy delicious Italian coffees and scrumptious food.

The Oasis Café is a family run café restaurant with possibly the best service in town. The staff and the owner are all very passionate about their food and their coffee and this comes across when you dine here.

There are plenty of great meals on offer, many with a Mediterranean influence and there are vegetarian and gluten free options available too.

After experiencing the views, the service and the food there’s little doubt you’ll be coming back to Oasis Café and recommending it to all your friends.

Oasis Café is located at 163 Redcliffe Parade, for more details visit www.oasisredcliffe.com (Update: link no longer active).